Long the preserve of the R/C fraternity, "tip launched" gliders are now all the rage in free flight glider circles because of  the performance gained; exceeding what a conventional "small chuck glider" (used for the last 60 years) can achieve.

Successfully pioneered by England's Mark Benns and a winner of Australian, American and UK Championships this new concept of launching small free flight gliders is fast becoming mainstream and has led to a number of original designs being kitted, especially in America. When the Australian designed Morris Dancer and Discus Dancer glider topics were posted on the Small Flying Arts forum it generated world wide interest. "Over 20278 hits later", they have became one of the most informative and widely read topics covering the next generation of F/F tip launched gliders.

You can now join the "TLG revolution"

Morris Dancer:- http://www.smallflyingartsforum.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1150806311/0

Discus Dancer:- http://www.smallflyingartsforum.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1156682629

MORRIS DANCER DLG ver. 2.1 - 35" span Competition Tip launched Glider

Available as a full-size plan, this model has the largest wing area (10.25 sq dm or 160 sq") of all the 36" wing span plans or kits on the market and comes with 2 styles of wing construction. Not a beginners model nor suitable for r/c.

 35" projected span (89cm), length 32.5" (83cm), weight 110gms.

Morris Dancer plan AU$10.00 plus postage

Carbon fibre boom $25.00 plus postage

"2007 AFFS Champs: 1st place HLG"

"2008 AFFS Champs: 2nd place HLG", "2008 Aust Nationals: 1st place HLG"

"2009 AFFS Champs: 1st place Combined HLG/ CLG"

"2009 Vic Champs: 1st place Combined HLG/ CLG", "2009 Aust Nationals: 1st place HLG"

"2010 AFFS Champs: 1st place HLG", "2010 Aust Nationals: 1st place HLG"

"Australian Nats winner 3 consecutive years"

"2013 Aust Nationals: 1st place HLG"


"A solid looking model, that is officially on the leading edge of where HLG IS heading" Jim Buxton, USA