K.P AeroModels Indoor rubber winders

10 : 1 gearing for indoor or small (30" span) outdoor rubber models. image... $25.00

K.P AeroModels 10 - 4 Outdoor rubber winder

Either 4 :1 or 10 :1 ratio heavy duty winder suitable for F1G (Coupe), P-30 or Open rubber  and can be assembled for left or right handed operation. Comes complete with counter... image ... $135.00

K.P AeroModels 10 - 4 Outdoor rubber winder counters

Designed to fit the 10 - 4 outdoor winder ... image ... $32.00

IGRA P-30 Propeller

P-30 models may have span and length limitations and come in an infinite number of styles but they all share one common feature, the Czech made 240mm diameter IGRA Prop.

  The number one choice!............ $5.00 per prop.

IGRA P-30 Prop and nose ring Assy

Created for the serious modeller chasing the perfect power trim or the mechanically challenged who hate bending wire. This assembly comes complete with an IGRA prop,  3 screw adjustable moulded nose hub and a matching nose ring (image) ready to fit into a 22mm internal diameter rolled motor tube (not provided).

P-30 prop, nose hub, prop shaft, bead bearing & nose ring.............$15.50

Thrust bearing, spacer shaft combo

Created for the larger rubber powered model (40" plus span) and comes with a pre-bent shaft, matched alum nose block spacer and heavy duty thrust race (image).............$12.50

Thrust Races

Brass housing with steel balls to fit 14 swg (2mm) (On order) and 16 swg (1.6mm) (On order) wire ideal for Vintage Rubber, Open Rubber.     $8.00 each (On order)

Precision Thrust Races

Steel side plates and balls (in a phenolic cage) to fit 16 swg (1.6mm) wire ideal for small scale or P-30 Rubber.

  $7.00 each

3 Function F1B Timers

 Developed for introductory level F1B this timer features DT, A/R, V.I.T only plus a spring biased internal start lever ready to be connected to a remote start button.  (Image)

3 Function F1B timer……$ 70.00 each

FAI Tan Sport and Super Sport  rubber strip

The Premier rubber strip for all indoor and outdoor Free Flight models available in 3 widths and in 1lb (450gm) boxes.

TAN II Super sport competition 3/32" wide.......$45.00 (Jan 2014 batch)

TAN II Super sport competition 1/8" wide........$45.00 (Jan 2014 batch)

TAN II Super sport competition 3/16" wide........$45.00 (Jan 2014 batch)

Hanger Rat rubber strip (Tan super sport) 3/32" wide x 10 gram packs (approx 9 motors)......$2.50

Postage: 1 or 2 boxes...$13.40 prepaid satchel

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